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Semi-Custom Solutions

A semi-custom solution is a web project crafted from curated templates designed by my company. These are hourly-based projects that can proceed more quickly and economically than fully-customized website projects. These websites are the perfect solution for someone just starting out who needs a desktop and mobile website quickly with little financial outlay.

New Eve Creative | Whidbey Island Web Design | Semi-Custom Solutions | Portfolio One Theme

Portfolio One

A gallery-based portfolio theme which includes About, Contact, and a Project page. I can duplicate the project page for multiple uses. Includes a "hamburger" icon linking to a lightbox vertical menu.


One-Page Wonder Theme

A versatile, neutral theme for the businessperson just starting out.  Includes Home "hero" image, call-to-action buttons, About Us, Services, Testimonials, and Contact form. Can include individual Project pages.

New Eve Creative | Whidbey Island Web Design | Semi-Custom Solutions | One-Page Wonder Theme
New Eve Creative Web Design Semi-Custom

Nonprofit Theme

A colorful, contemporary foundation for a nonprofit website which includes Home, About Us, Events, Get Involved, and Contact pages. I can add Wix Events and Blog apps and adapt the colors, logo, and fonts to meet your organization's needs.

Environmental Theme

A simple nature-based theme that I can adapt for your environmental nonprofit.

Enviro Nonprofit Theme New Eve Creative
Elder Care Theme New Eve Creative Resize

Elder Care Theme

A soothing, simple start for your elder care facility website. I can add a calendar of events and other apps to meet your organization's needs.

Multipurpose Theme

This template is a chameleon! It includes Home page hoverboxes and slideshow, About, Services, FAQ, and Contact pages. I can adapt hoverboxes, change colors, and adjust fonts for your company's needs.

New Eve Creative | Whidbey Island Web Design | Semi-Custom Solutions | Multipurpose Theme
New Eve Creative | Whidbey Island Web Design | Semi-Custom Solutions | Portfolio Two Theme

Portfolio Two Theme

A minimalistic, versatile, neutral theme enlivened by subtle animations. This template is built with strips that can be changed to any color scheme your heart desires.

Shop Theme

A streamlined shop template which pairs Ecwid's robust eCommerce solution with Wix's design platform. Create as many product categories as you need on a paid Ecwid plan. 

New Eve Creative | Whidbey Island Web Design | Semi-Custom Solutions | Shop Theme


How much does a semi-custom solution cost?

I charge at my hourly rate for semi-custom website projects. For example, if I work on your site for a few hours, I charge $75 per hour, for 3 hours, $200, and for 8 hours, $500.  It really depends on the size of the semi-custom website and the changes you request.  Most semi-custom websites should take 8 to 12 hours, including revisions and Wix search engine optimization.

Can you make changes to the template for me?

Sure!  Please keep in mind that each change requires time. Changing fonts to match your logo and brand is pretty easy provided the font is available in Wix or via Google Fonts. Changing site colors can take more time. Modifying layout and setting up apps perhaps takes the most time. I provide these semi-custom layouts to save time and money while accommodating common needs.

How do I get my text and images to you?

The absolute best way to send text and images is via Google Drive, and I will share a Drive folder with you.  However, if you do not use Drive, I can accept your compressed photo jpgs, logos, and text documents via our Gmail address, or through Dropbox.

How long will it take for you to complete my semi-custom website?

Well...I work really fast!  It will depend on how many semi-custom template changes you request and how quickly you can send me your content and how rapidly you can respond to my emails.  I can complete many semi-custom sites within 1 to 2 weeks.

Will you make revisions after you add my content?

Yes!  However, I limit my clients to 2 consolidated rounds of revision.  This means that I receive the revision requests in writing 2 times.  I will ask for clarification if needed.

Why did you design these templates for semi-custom solutions? Why not use Wix ready-made templates?

My ultimate goal was to create streamlined, simplified process in order to deliver a beautiful, functional website to you. Unfortunately, I have not worked with every single Wix template, and each has its own design nuances. By offering templates I designed myself, I know each aspect intimately so I can work efficiently--and save you money.

Absolutely! Please refer to our pricing for maintenance and editing costs. I can provide these services on an hourly, 3-hour, and 6-hour basis.

Is a semi-custom solution an exclusive design?

No. I make your semi-custom project affordable by using a template I pre-designed. I reserve the right to use this theme again. Please be assured that no two sites will be exactly alike.

Can you upload products for me into the Shop Theme?

Yes I can! Please note that a 2-hour charge is applied for every 10 products uploaded, including set-up for product variations. Let's Get Started!

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